Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All about my Cables

My favorite thing to do in knitting is cable. I dont know, i think it's so much easier than working with multiple colors, but it still looks like you did something really fancy to the layperson (or at least that's what i imagine).

Two christmas's ago for my room's secret santa gift exchange Allie gave me the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary2, which features some 200 cable patterns... i really like it. So, over this last summer i made two scarves with some of the patterns, my favorite of which is a chunky yellow/mustard one, which I like. a lot.

I used two yarns to knit this scarf (you can kind of see the two in the 2nd picture) oh, to clarify i just knit with two yarns at once.

1) The first is from Art Fibers in San Francisco. Its a yarn called Celtic, (extrafine merino wool) Color 1. They sell some of their yarn online, which is cool because i'm in boston now, although i've never seen Celtic up on the website (maybe i just miss it?) but i could email them if i wanted it that badly. Anyway, it's gotten a little fuzzy/pilly, and it gets all over my peacoat, but other than that i love the yarn. It is realllly soft, never even remotely itchy, and very warm, perfect because it was 20° and windy yesterday.

2) you can almost see throughout the scarf another thin, slightly darker yarn. My friend got me a couple balls of yarn when she was in Peru. I think its an alpaca blend of some kind, but i can't really tell you anything else about it. except that i didnt think it would look good with anything until the girl at Art Fibers held it up to the yellow Celtic yarn... maybe it clashes but i really like it.

I think i knit it on US 19 needles, but it could have been US 17... i can't remember.

Either way, its only 13 sts across i think, knitting with chunky yarn goes so quickly, and i think everyone should have a chunky, braid-cable scarf. In fact, for this last christmas i knit another one for Allie in a lavender color (but with a different yarn), AND now my friend Alex is knitting one for herself in a really pretty orange. I don't have pictures of those right now though, so...tough.


yynderjohn said...

What no comic book review blog!?

Ginny said...

i suspect that comics will make their way onto the page...

Thaumaturgic said...

I was going to say that I made a blogger.com account solely to post a comment but apparently I already have one and im already logged in!

Truely an update worthy of my homepage, thank you